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20 July 2020 @ 02:23 pm
Now leaning to make this more...personal. Just because of college...
and just because this is the most wonderful
place to rant.

Story posts though...will be public.
And they suck, so I don't care.

Do comment. I'm nice~
Sure, I have a creepy maniacal laugh.
But you can't hear that over lj.
So Comment. And have <3.
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11 August 2011 @ 02:58 pm
Hey, I have a new banner and now my lj is much more...brighter than it used to be. I'm not a girl who likes pink much, but it worked for the picture which I found a while back when I was into the anime mood at school (for that I blame the same friend who convinced me to play Vindictus). Well, I don't really blame him, it was a really good anime since I wasn't expecting a total mindfuck that turned the bright magical girl series into a dark, disturbing drama. Aside from that, it's quite beautiful...saved me from the bunch of 'Friendship is our power!!!' because they turned into magical girls for selfish reasons (who wouldn't if they get whatever wish they want? Kudos to Madoka's wish at the end-best one to make you a messiah). Homura's tragedy though is heartbreaking, granted the whole series wouldn't have happened if she didn't wish what she did, but lonesome moe who found a friend would become the moe who would want to save the friend and that moe would become a badass and the very same person she wanted to save became...moeish? Gah, it doesn't matter, Homura is still moe no matter how many guns she has. She's probably hiding the trigger happy urge she has...because she can.

Summer though, is as uneventful as it has always been...sadly. I have to admit though, I'm a little bit anxious for school since I kinda miss Seattle and how you could just walk to places. At home, I need a car...and I don't have a car unless I drop my mother off at work. Good news would be that I have the license to drive...I got a 96...I could have done better. The best part about passing the test (other than being able to drive on my own) was that I got to mess with my parents and act like I failed :D that was great. Hmm, I've been involved with bootcamp and I like my progress so far...though I'm back to the way I was before I left for college...urg-ing at the thought of going back and gaining weight. I'll just have to keep on working out, I'm sure it'll work out and I'll feel a ton better about studying. Hahahahahaha...ha. Unfortunately, I haven't accomplished what I wanted to...and that concerns writing really...I get so distracted that it's just odd to write when I'm at home. It's weird writing at home because I never really know if someone is going to come into my room and see Word open...it's a bit embarrassing. Anyway all I have been doing other than getting raped by my muse to write different storylines, is playing on Vindictus (I still need to DL the one that Eva recommended), watching anime, stalking my Tumblr dashboard and liking most Onew pictures that come up (actually I kinda wanna stop doing that and I will talk about why. I need to get it off my chest), watching Goong over again, and...being lazy?

Okay. Fine. Maybe summer would have been more eventful if I hung out with more people...but the few people I really do want to hang out with is near or in Seattle. Don't get me wrong, I do text people at home to hang out, they just don't text me back which makes me think of one person and it gets me really pissed. Aside from that, I should remember to ask Eva when she gets back...I want to take a trip to IKEA in Oregon since their magazine thing came in the mail, so might as well, right? Plus it'd be fun to go and get lost and look at the map...and still be lost. I'm not fantastic on directions, but I think Eva was good at directions...I think. Help my memory out here, would ya? Come to think of it....hide and seek would be awesome in that store...or maybe even laser tag.

I want to laser tag dammit.

Anyhoo. Moving forward.

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05 February 2011 @ 07:22 am
Title: What We Realize 
Genre: Angst / Romance
Rating: PG
Pairing: One-sided Reader/Onew. Hints of OnTae.
Warning: Irk. Finished at 7 am. Most likely jumbled.
Disclaimer: I do not own SHINee, or what inspired me to write this.  
Inspired by & Dedicated to –tofutae
Because without you expressing the love in your heart
This wouldn’t be.

Hope you like it~
Sorry for anon-ing my dear StalkCree OTP.

I purposefully choose to stay away, because I know you deserve better.
I see it. I know it. There's someone that fills that void that I know I cannot fill.
They think I'm foolish, for throwing away the chance to get closer to you.
What they don't know is that I realized that we're fully capable of hurting the ones we love.
So, I prefer to stay where I am and not pursue wishful thinking.
They don't know it...but this...
This is reality.

I love you, I do. But, in reality, I know that 'we' shouldn't 'be'Collapse )
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24 January 2011 @ 07:32 pm
 That is has been a while since I posted on here...and I'm in great need of a new...layout...banner....which I may make once I finish my post-lab where I claim that Excel is evil. Excel only looks awesome when you watch someone who knows how to use it....use it.

And online gaming is fun. I was...convinced...to play Vindictus.


I realize, along with a friend, that Dubu totally has it out for Luna this time during the idol competition.

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